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Welcome to the Pro Shop at Dragon Billiards Instruction!

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As a professional billiards instructor, I'm often asked questions from students regarding equipment...what to buy, and where to get it for the least amount of money. The "what" was easy enough to answer, but the "where" wasn't as simple. So, I made the "where" they were looking for, now available to everyone!

I've made it my personal mission to help get the best products for my students at the lowest prices, just like the instructional services they've received. I'm an instructor first and a retailer second...no big markups here. You can trust that every product I sell is offered at the lowest price allowable by the manufacturer. Thank you for choosing us!

-Kim "The Dragon" Young 

"Package arrived! Thank you very much! It got here quick and in perfect condition! Totally recommend Dragon for your pool needs!!"

James E.
Cuetec Cynergy and Cuetec Breach

About Us

Kim "The Dragon" Young

Owner/Instructor and Fellow Pool Player

Like many, I've been addicted to this game since my first pocketed ball. I love it so much I decided to make a career out of it!

Coaching/teaching is my #1 passion and always will be. I started retailing when my students were struggling to find the products they wanted at the prices they wanted to pay. I knew then that I must offer them what they couldn't find...access to the best products at the best prices.

I encourage you to contact me directly for any questions/comments. I'd love to help you any way that I can. All contact info on this page is direct to me, and I will respond ASAP to every question (when I'm not teaching of course)!

Thank you for visiting! Happy Shooting!